Welcome to a better quality of life

It takes courage to visit a psychologist but the rewards are usually worth the effort. To make a change, to consider new alternatives or shift your perspective may seem overwhelming initially, but during the therapy process you will be guided to uncover your inner coping resources, and the strength to want to feel better. In removing blockages and expanding your life, taking creative action is a must. It starts a process that requires a lot from you, but that also gives you a lot in return: a better quality of life.

It is essential that you know that you are not “crazy” just because you are thinking about consulting a psychologist. It’s quite the opposite! It actually means that you have acknowledged a problem that you would like to deal with.

Talking with a psychologist can provide immense relief at times when you perhaps feel the need to express yourself, your feelings, emotions and thoughts, or at times when nothing seems to make sense. It is healthy to work through your problems instead of keeping them inside, denying them (pretending that they do not exist) or giving in to negative thoughts and behaviour.

By combining your insight and my knowledge, we will work together to find solutions and to implement them into your daily life. Often you just need support and encouragement to make change happen and to put ideas into action.